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Who is Johnny SemedoHey there my friend Johnny Semedo here,

I’m a simple person, a young entrepreneur living in Portugal

I’ve always been a curious person and if there’s something that can make a positive impact in my life and other people’s lives I go for it and Learn it,

Since I discover online business world few years ago, my life become a whole new learning experience, I’ve faced many challenges and overcome many roadblocks,

But I always carry in mind… no matter what adversities I came across my way, I will always keep moving forward!

Here in this Blog I will share with you the experiences and knowledge that I’ve acquire along last years

At school I studied computer science but never started college, one of the reasons is that I had the idea in mind that working for someone else would never provide the lifestyle I wished for myself.

Since I drop High School I’ve worked on several Jobs, My first job was on direct sales (Telecommunications Services), and it was an amazing learning experience,

That job really opened my mind to what is possible when our paycheck matches our production

Actually, in one occasion I became the top producer in my office 🙂

It was a career that I would like to follow but then I got involved with the wrong people, made some bad decisions and end up changing job.

After that I worked as a construction worker and as a waiter lately, but that didn’t defined me or fulfilled me as a human being

I always thought I deserved more from life, instead of complaining and expect that something append by magic,

I went to the internet searching for an opportunity that could fulfill my Ambition,

What I found was a new environment filled with shinny objects and get rich quick schemes, and spent several years searching for the ultimate shortcut or business that could provide fast cash…

Well as we know this is a recipe for disaster and that’s exactly what append…

I end up buying course after course jumping from opportunity to opportunity and  finally spending years on learning mode, trying to know it all before even starting anything…

It was obvious that in order to make the online  adventure paying I needed to some deep changes, that’s when I found some mentors and really decided to invest on my education.

I didn’t need more courses with the latest cutting edge marketing strategies, all I need to do was working on my mindset and turn a scrambled brain into efficient and productive state of mind. I literally went to a brain reprogramming

Went from a confused foggy mind and low self confident, to a cristal clear vision, high self confidence and self steam.
I may ask was it easy? did it append overnight?
No way, it was a long process of clearing all the garbage and all the negative thoughts and self sabotage that I develop along those dark years.

I was laborious and intensive mind reprogramming but was it worthwhile? Definitely I’ toss a lot of bad habits and negative thinking and replace by new good habits and positive thinking.

And most of them I still do them on a daily basis, mainly because a shift of that magnitude it’s not an event… It’s an ongoing process.

Your story may or may not similar to my but the fact is that your are online to generate money, so you can spend so you can spend quality times with your loved ones, and do the things you want, whenever you want with whoever you want. Am I right?

But this scenario it’s almost impossible to achieve by Working on a regular job, mainly because there you trade time for money, so you can’t really have both simultaneously.

Most people live a major part of their life plugged on a “Matrix” working 40 years of their lives so they can have a nice retirement and finally enjoy life when they have both time and money

But who tha heck wants to enjoy life only at 65???
(if you have 65+ you can still enjoy)

You probably want enjoy the best things in life right now and not wait until retirement, right?

The beauty of working online is that you can design your own retirement plan and start to build wealth right now to live the life of your dreams as soon as possible and not latter,

Speaking About dreams, Everyone has them, I do, You Also have yours, right?

If you are looking at the internet as a vehicle to fulfill them, you are In the right place!

The Internet is the perfect place to develop and grow any kind of home based business ether that be Network Marketing (MLM), Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, Selling your own Products and Services Etc

Whatever business model or niche you are in, to achieve your goals and dreams, there’s only 2 thing you need to improve constantly and those are Mindeset and Skillset.

I’ve learned a lot along my journey and reached the point that I needed a place to share what I have been learning,

So here it is my blog, my intention with the content I share is to help you improve both of this two pillars and help you get closer to the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed

This is why I do what I do,

My mission is to help regular entrepreneurs just like you
building a sustainable and prosperous online business
so you can earn more money, experience more freedom,
live your life on your own terms,
and ultimately turn your wildest dreams into reality.

That’s my true passion, it’s what drives me and fulfills me as a human being

And Now you’re experiencing the birth of a movement that will positively impact thousand’s peoples lives all across the world,

Welcome to Entrepreneurs 4 Freedom Movement

Here I’ll be sharing the marketing strategies that are working right now for myself and some of my partners,

I can give you my blueprint, teach you all the know-how, how to implement sales funnels and several Marketing strategies

But in the end you will only achieve the things you allow yourself to

I say it because you’re the only responsible for your own success or the of lack of it,

Because whatever you believe and act upon, it will come true, for that reason it’s absolutely essential for you to work on your belief system

You can have or become whatever you wish in life, because all depends on your actions and your performance.

So before you learn technical stuff or marketing strategies, my recommendation is that you to set a cristal clear sensory rich vision for your own future, deeply believe and consistently act towards it.

This is the master key for success in business and in anything in life.

I truly believe you can create the future you wish, design your own lifestyle and I’m here to help you out along your journey!

By following my work you will learn the marketing strategies that I use on my own business and the mindset to increase your productivity and effectiveness.

In the end, to become more successful in whatever you’re currently doing or want to do, you just need to make a “simple decision” and this one will definitely give you what you want in life,

What Decision You Need to Make?

You must decide that you will be 100% committed with your own success, and you will do whatever it takes to accomplish it,

This means to emerge yourself into the knowledge, be consistently learning and applying the actions required to run a successful online business.

Also teach your audience what you’ve been learning, because your income will always be a reflection of the value you bring to other people’s lives

And for last, the most important, Never Quit!

I believe there’s no such thing as failure, there’s only people who give up on their dreams,

Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit

So if you want to be a winner never quit! but it takes more than not quitting.

It takes personal growth, getting yourself out of your conform zone and differentiate yourself from the majority.

If want to have a top producer income you have to position yourself and act like one.

I could share a ton of stories about myself as they are integrating part of my assets but you will find more about me by following my work

I’m now looking forward to the future by building it at the present.


If you want to know more about myself you can follow my work here on this blog, on social media networks and YouTube

I hope we can meet each other soon, If you want to discuss something, just connect with me using your favorite method.

I will be glad to hear from you and I’ll be waiting for your connection.

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